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Core Nero

Directed by Antonella Laganà cast Paola Tiziana Cruciani, Francesca Reggiani, Luca Paniconi, Daniele Locci, Pasquale Anselmo, Bruno Conti Produced by Giovanna Emidi and G & E Film Production SYNOPSIS Freely adapted from the Roman folk tale: Er Fattaccio der Vicolo der Moro Produced by G&E Film Production Service srl NEW IMAIE Distributed by PREMIERE

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Sicily unknown land

Directed by Pina Mandolfo Collaboration in the Direction: Maria Grazia Lo cicero and Orazio Aloi. Produced by G&E Film Production Service in collaboration with the Sicilia Film Commission. Premiere distribution Interpreter: Patrizia D’Antona Editing: Marta Ruggiero Music: Areasud Quartet The project: The documentary, this unknown Sicily, is part of the guidelines of the Sicilian Film

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Logline Andrea Mantegna was the first to establish the cult of antiquity in Florentine art during the early Renaissance period. His brother-in-law, Giovanni Bellini, is considered the inventor of Venetian art. Both are among the most important artists of that period. They met in their studios in Venice and influenced each other in their creative

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The Hunt

Year of Production 2018/2019. Service and Executive Production Italy: G&E Film Production Service. Collaboration with the Calabria Film Commission. Shooting Location: Germany: Cologne (Koln). Italy Reggio Calabria, Fiumara Short synopsis English The relentless detective chief superintendent INGO THIEL (50) and his commission must solve a cold-blooded multiple murder in Mönchengladbach, a big city in the

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History / Science Length 52’ Film by Susanne Brahms Co-Production Kinescope Film Bremen with TAG/TRAUM Filmproduktion for Radio Bremen/ARTE Original Title Bücherjäger Completion April 2017 Ancient civilisations possessed a vast amount of knowledge that was documented in hundreds of thousands of manuscripts. At the end of the Roman Empire, the majority of these cultural treasures vanished. Book

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SYNOPSIS: Five fathers is the story of Malika, who had five children from five different fathers. All of them are living in different parts of the world or different parts of Italy.  In a month Erika grandmother will turn to 70 years old, and the aim is to bring together everyone in her house which was

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gender: comedy. year: 2016. country: China. direction: Wong Jing. cast: Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng, Wong Cho-lam, Michelle Hu, Nana Ouyang. companies: Mega-Vision Project Workshop Limited, Gravity Pictures Film Production, Shanghai Aimei Entertainment, China Film Group Corporation, Hongkong Star Dynasty, Mengzaozhe Entertainment, Dongyang Yixing Media. distribuited by: Bona Film Group (China).   A wealthy entrepreneur goes

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gender: comedy. year: 2015. country: China. direction: Kwok-Man Keung. cast: RenLiang Qiao, Zhang Xinyu, Simon Yam, Kainan Bai. companies: Shanghai Yingku Digital Film Cinema Shanghai Huayu Media. distribuited by: Shanghai Huayu Media, Qili (Shanghai) Media.   Gifted Chinese agent Li Dazhi (Kimi Qiao) heads to Italy to get to the root of a corruption scandal that threatens to

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gender: comedy year: 2015 country: China direction: Muye Wen, Runnian Dong, Yi Han, Fu Tien-yu, Jiatong Yi cast: Yang mi, Kai-Yuan Zheng, Jiang Shuying, Meng Li, Hyun-Jae Lee, Sandrine Pinna, Xuan Huang, Jiang Yiyan, Joseph Chang, Bai Baihe, Ethan Juan.   The present day. I: Prague. Arriving off the train, Chinese tourist Zitong (Yang Mi) has her

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SYNOPSIS: Imagine being thirty years old, living with your parents and hoping to change the world with your degree in agronomy. Imagine working at your girlfriend’s restaurant, she’s the most beautiful woman in the world and you’ll be marrying her in a couple of weeks. Now, imagine deciding to overturn your life, seeking the heady

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