We are an audio visual and film production company with a special attention to international cooperation.
Through our thirty years of experience in the Audio Visual industry, we have produced high quality international projects in the field of Italian film industry with highly competitive budget.
G&E Film Production Service has collaborated for years with the major productive and distributive reality, producing, co producing or simply making (Executive and / or service).

Research and project development .

Production / Development: Production Analysis, Budget, Financial Plan, research funders and co-productions, Tax Credit, Product Placement, Sales and Distribution, international Press Office.

Realization of the executive project: Pre Production, Location Scouting, Casting.

Executive Production: Always we rely on the collaboration of the best companies in the industry supported by the excellence and professionalism of the best Italian and international technicians and workers.

Post Production and Editing: after-care phase of filming, in collaboration with leading international laboratories and post-production editing, we follow our product in the important and delicate phase of post production, in order to present it to the market and the press at its best.