thumb_tulpagender: giallo-horror
year: 2012
country: Italy
direction: Federico Zampaglione
cast: Claudia Gerini, Michela Cescon, Nuot Arquint, Michele Placido, Ennio Tozzi, Ivan Franek, Crisula Stafida.

Lisa Boeri (Claudia Gerini) is a business woman with a secret double life: if during the day she is a busy and serious worker, the night she is an assiduous frequenter of the private club Tulpa, owned by a haunting Tibetan guru, where the sickest fantasies of customers become reality. But the fiery lovers who attended Lisa begin to die one by one in increasingly cruel ways, and the woman finds herself involved in the chain of murders. Forced to investigate on her own, not to discover his double life to the police, she will face a terrible escalation of death, mystery and eroticism.



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